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Sound Installation, 2018-

"Pulses/Grains/Phase/Moiré" is a large-scale sound installation consists of more than 300 speakers and LED lights. In this work, it is limited to the sound/light source to "pulse" only and presents a new musical aesthetics that develops spatially by composing with many speakers.

The speakers are connected to the pulse generators controlled by the computer made by the author himself makes a sound in individual patterns. The LED light which attached to the speaker flashes at the same timing as the sound.

"Pulse" is the most primitive/simple element of sound and electricity. There are only simple clicks/flashes heard /seen from each speaker and LED light. But the emitted countless sound/light grains overlap in real space, form moire-like complex/organic tones/textures and waves to the eye and ear of audiences.

The author Ken FURUDATE is a member of a sound art project The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA which works exclusively with sine waves. He also uses a number of simple elements such as sine waves and pulse waves in his live performance and makes complex results by their interference.

His aesthetics is to create organic and complexity by emphasizing its characteristics while using technically minimal elements. This work pursues that aesthetics, as the first installation on his own name.

This work has been selected for the Grand Prize of Japan Media Arts Festival(2019, Japan), Digital Choc Award(2018, Japan/France) which organized by Institut Français du Japon and the finalist for CYNETART Award(2018, Germany).

Complex Order

Textile, Collaboration with company HOSOO, 2015- (in developing)

This is an research and development project between Ken FURUDATE and company HOSOO which is Kyoto-based textile company founded in 1688 and specialised in superior quality fabrics for high-end interior design and fashion.
In this project, Ken FURUDATE has made the software to make weaving pattern by generative algorithms for Jacquard Loom. He reconstructed from the smallest unit of fabric by computer program and made complex construction which is difficult to with human handicraft.
The first prototype - #1 Moiré, #2 Radial and #3 Flows had been exhibited in “Fabrics as Demiurges — The meaning of fabrics for mankind” at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media[YCAM], Yamaguchi, Japan in 2017.


Video Installation, 2013-

In this work, it is projected the video shot at the high frame rate of the surface of the river without any effect or processing. The patterns on the surface of the river are produced by parameters such as flow speed, bottom condition and so on.
It is essentially the same as the generative patterns which is produced by computer programming for him.
exhibited at Ogaki Biennale 2013, Gifu, Japan, 2013.

Sine waves solo

Audio Visual Live Performances, 2003-

Heavy drone musical performance with only sine waves.
it makes musical development by interference of multiple sine waves.
It is played with visual using circles or blinks of the screen corresponds to frequency of sound.


Audio Visual Live Performances, 2015-


Sound Art Project, 2002-

The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA (SWO) is a project that works exclusively with sine waves that was launched in 2002 by Ken Furudate, Kazuhiro Jo, Daisuke Ishida and Mizuki Noguchi. ”The single sine waves, which the participants each play freely without a score or conductor, rise and intricately interfere with each other like thin strings, and ultimately create an ocean of sine waves.” Based on this image, the SWO presents works between and within performances, installations and workshops and invites the public to create a collective sound representation.

A Wave

Audio Visual Installation, 2017-

Indistinct images are projected onto a large screen, accompanied by inarticulate sounds reverberating across the entire exhibition space. All of these images and sounds are created by disassembling and recomposing algorithmically in realtime from vast amount of video materials that are picked up from the internet continuously over the period of the exhibition. The fragmented videos that provide the visual and acoustic source material are recomposed/reordered based on their respective data of luminance and sound (magnitude/level) to create a sine wave, which means that the original videos are deprived of their meaning, and reduced to abstract elements of light and sound for the construction of a sine wave. While all sounds in the world can be represented through combinations of multiple sine waves, in this work a single sine wave is produced by cutting and connecting large amounts of source material.


Sound Installation, 2017-

Each visitor is given a small device which can play a sine wave, chooses its frequency, and positions it at a location on one of the 49 spiral-shaped columns of copper wire that are arranged in a grid in the exhibition space. These sine waves remain audible for the rest of the exhibition period, which means that the sound field - starting with absolute silence at the beginning of the exhibition - gets increasingly complex with every single visitor’s contribution towards the end of the exhibition. It is thus a collective performance, creating a work that continues to change while revealing different sonic qualities depending on the listening point, and number and position of device being installed.

The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA performances

Shiro TAKATANI Theater works

ST/LL, CHROMA and La Chambre Claire : Theater works directed by Shiro TAKATANI, 2008-

Dumb Type

Artist Collective, originally is formed in 1984. Ken FURUDATE have participated since 2014-.


Audio Visual Installation, 2014-


Audio Visual Installation, 2018-


Audio Visual Installation, 2018-


Video Installation, 2018-