Sound Installation, 2018-

“Pulses/Grains/Phase/Moiré” is a large-scale sound installation consists of more than 300 speakers and LED lights. In this work, it is limited to the sound/light source to “pulse” only and presents a new musical aesthetics that develop spatially by composing with many speakers.

The speakers are connected to the pulse generators controlled by the computer made by the author himself makes a sound in individual patterns. The LED light attached to the speaker flashes at the same timing as the sound.

“Pulse” is the most primitive/simple element of sound and electricity. There are only simple clicks/flashes heard /seen from each speaker and LED light. But the emitted countless sound/light grains overlap in real space, form moire-like complex/organic tones/textures and waves to the eye and ear of audiences.

The author Ken FURUDATE is a member of a sound art project The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA which works exclusively with sine waves. He also uses a number of simple elements such as sine waves and pulse waves in his live performance and makes complex results by their interference.

His aesthetics is to create organic and complexity by emphasizing its characteristics while using technically minimal elements. This work pursues that aesthetics, as the first installation on his own name.

This work has been selected for the Grand Prize of Japan Media Arts Festival(2019, Japan), Digital Choc Award(2018, Japan/France) which organized by Institut Français du Japon and the finalist for CYNETART Award(2018, Germany).

Sine waves solo

 The work, “Sine Waves Solo,” focuses on sound as the physical phenomenon and approach to the audiences’ psychoacoustics aspect. This set consists of several sine waves added one by one in the timeline. He fills up space with the frequencies which are chosen from harmonic series/sub frequencies and make it interfere/resonant intricately. The sound expands unconsciously.

He has played this audio/visual work in several international art/music festivals such as MUTEK.JP(2019, Japan), WSK X: Festival of the Recently Possible(2019, Philippines), Mazeum(2018, Japan), AOMORI Triennale(2018, Japan), Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions(2016, Japan), Knowledge Capital Festival(2015, Japan), KYOTOGRAPHIE(2014, Japan), Sonar Sound Tokyo(2013/2011, Japan) and the very initial version in Ars Electronica(2004, Austria).


Video Installation, 2013-

In this work, it is projected the video shot at the high frame rate of the surface of the river without any effect or processing. The patterns on the surface of the river are produced by parameters such as flow speed, bottom condition and so on.
It is essentially the same as the generative patterns which is produced by computer programming for him.
exhibited at Ogaki Biennale 2013, Gifu, Japan, 2013.