Shiro TAKATANI, “ST/LL”, New National Theater Tokyo

Feb 24, 25, 2018
New National Theater Tokyo

TAKATANI Shiro (Dumb Type) has pioneered new possibilities in contemporary dance using sophisticated “media art”, such as video, lighting, graphic art, and stage design. “ST/LL” (still) is his latest performance piece using silence, stillness, and “stills” (i.e., photographs).
First performed in Le Havre, France in 2015 as a collaborative work between Biwako Hall Center and Le Volcan Scène Nationale in France, it was further polished by way of performances in Brussels, Shiga, and Naples and now awaits its performance at the New National Theatre, Tokyo.

Direction: TAKATANI Shiro / Music: SAKAMOTO Ryuichi, HARA Marihiko, MINAMI Takuya / Lighting Design: YOSHIMOTO Yukiko / Media Authoring: FURUDATE Ken / Text: Alfred BIRNBAUM / Stage Manager: OSHIKA Nobuaki / Stage Technician: OZAKI So / Video Technician: HAMA Satoshi / Assistant Programmer: SHIRAKI Ryo / Cast: TSURUTA Mayu, YABUUCHI Misako, HIRAI Yuko, Olivier BALZARINI